Conversion Optimisation (CO)

    what is co

    Conversion Optimisation is about optimising the site so that the user performs the desired action as often, quickly, and seamlessly as possible.

    This may seem like the same feature as UX, but unlike Ux, CO considers the entire conversion process, rather than the interaction with the site. Funnel analysis, form testing, re-engagement time analysis and other metrics provide our specialists with a deep knowledge of the consumer journey, allowing us to pinpoint exactly where pain points are and eliminate them.

    HESK Digital offers both UX and CO services to all levels of business, from sole traders to multinational enterprise clients..


    CO Services HESK Digital Offers

    Here at HESK Digital we’re passionate about driving business value, so we offer a full range of Conversion Optimisation services that operate on every stage of the conversion funnel. These include…

    . Funnel Analysis and creation
    . Full user journey audits Attribution remodeling and channel value analysis
    . Hypothesis testing and creating
    . Optimised asset creation and testing
    . Custom Lead Form and Shopping Cart Creation and audits
    . Remarketing and EDM integration

    At HESK Digital, we facilitate CO through finding the relevant consumers that are interested in your business’s products and services available.

    By gaining a higher conversion rate, your business will be able to increasingly achieve economies of scale and cost-effective marketing strategies as it means that you are making effective use of your already established resources. At HESK Digital, our focus is to optimise the opportunities your business may encounter through your marketing processes.


    Every business needs a targeted audience to strengthen their marketing strategies

    By doing so, google analytics can identify the traffic achieved on the site from the brands’ specific target market as well as providing statistics in regard visitors return conversions, the interactions conducted per visit and more such as how many users added to carts and then abandoned the site. All of these statistics allow your business to understand what needs to be improved. Informative and pleasing content on a site helps users become increasingly interested in the brand and therefore optimises the opportunities for the business to convert the user.

    There are many ways in which a business can achieve CO to stimulate growth and success. There are five crucial yet simple steps which help you optimise your site for conversions. Many other strategies and processes are available for your business to adapt to achieve CO, but these steps are easy to follow and most definitely put you on the right track. These steps consist of the following;


    Test your traffic

    Test your traffic by splitting them into two groups, allowing each group to see an alternate version of your website. This allows you to analyse which types of designs and features gain more attention.


    Use powerful content

    Use powerful content demonstrating why customers should buy from you. In other words, Customer Value Proposition (CVP).


    Use simple terms

    Use simple terms in descriptions, blogs, articles and more. Making your words technical and difficult puts off your customers. Using simple and effective words, the user will understand and feel a part of the process.


    A sense of urgency

    Prompt your site visitors to take desirable action by creating a sense of urgency. By informing customers that some of the available product options on the site may disappear soon, your visitors tend to act quicker and therefore become consumers.


    Trustworthy product/service

    Create a trustworthy product/service. Providing a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section will help your visitors feel a sense of understanding and assure them that your products/services are suitable for what they need.

    In addition to applying these steps to achieve CO, there are a couple more points you should consider. These elements consist of:

    Assessing your site architecture | Technical SEO such as site speed | Crawlability and mobile functionality Tag managers and tracking | Analytics | Events | Conversions | Expanding and reviewing your strategies.

    implementing and improving

    At HESK Digital, we have over a decade’s experience in implementing and improving upon
    these steps.

    Our Senior team are thought leaders in the industry, constantly developing new testing and design methodologies to drive our clients’ sites to new levels of revenue growth. Overall, CO relies heavily on how your site showcases its products and services. At HESK Digital, we take pride in our expertise and our goal is to help you achieve your goals. No matter how much or how little work is required to make your site the best in your niche, we are here to help you accomplish the above to reach your end goal and create long-term growth.