Digital Marketing Tips

7 Digital Marketing Tips For Christmas 2020

‘Tis Christmas season, get your business stockings ready! It’s that time of the year when holiday cheer is in the air (and on all our screens). 2020 has taught us to expect the unexpected. Despite this unpredictability of the year that has been, the holiday season will have a silver and gold lin...
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How to troubleshoot Your Shopping Ads

Why aren’t my products showing up on Google Shopping? Why do my products keep getting disapproved? These are common questions and issues amongst digital marketers. When it comes to Google shopping, it is crucial to set up everything correctly to ensure your product ad displays properly and drives ...
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Are Google Ads Still Effective Post Covid-19?

Everyone has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in one way or another. Not only has it changed many things about our everyday lives and ability to travel, but it has also changed the way we use the internet and has affected the Google universe. As a search term, COVID-19 is taking over our searc...
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How Broad Should Your Target Keywords Be

Choosing the right keywords for your blog posts, website, and digital marketing ads is an essential skill to learn as a digital marketer. Digital marketers should be able to know how to develop and research effective keyword lists. This will yield the best potential traffic and conversion results, r...
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How To Get Quality Backlinks Without Content

Are you struggling to keep coming up with new content for backlinks? Building backlinks isn’t impossible. Your business is worthy of a link, even without content. Understanding the methods behind building backlinks will allow you to build links with what you already have on your website. Here are ...
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Do Backlinks Help Your SEO Rankings?

It is well known in the digital marketing world that backlinking plays an essential role in SEO. When it comes to search ranking, Google’s algorithm relies heavily on links in order to establish and evaluate the trustworthiness of your site. This includes taking into account the number and quality...
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