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Bring Your Data And Your Customers Together​

How they engage, what they buy, when they leave. Your data are the echo of the value you provide your customers. Without it, you’re blind in an increasingly difficult to navigate digital ocean.


Managing customer interactions is at the heart of any online business, and to an online business those interactions and experiences are data. From people to numbers, and back to the people who engage and love your brand.

By making sure your data is clean, clear, and easily viable, you can engage your customers and create strategies that drive your business growth

At Hesk Digital our STEM-trained analysts are experts in the latest data science techniques and methodologies. Our experts develop systems and frameworks that allow your data to flow cleanly from website to backend, through advanced analytics and attribution setups and into custom reporting templates that allow all levels of your business to see the the data they need at a glance

No matter what system you use or what expertise you need, our experts have the knowledge and experience needed to create, alter, and maintain data pipelines, from the smallest tradesman to multinational firms with highly specific requirements.

Our expertise includes

  • Data Pipeline cleaning and creation
  • Data Auditing
  • Google Tag Manager Services
  • Google Analytics implementation or audit
  • Data visualisation & reporting
  • Attribution modelling
  • Segmentation & analysis
  • Snowplow/Snowflake and other Enterprise-Level Custom Data Models

Developing an Analytics Framework

An Analytics framework should be aligned closely with Business objectives, allowing you to easily track your revenue generation pipeline at a glance

We design an analytics system which is both scalable and granular, enabling you to identify opportunities and bottlenecks.

With this data at your fingertips, you’ll be able to effectively market to, engage, and retain customers using the most cost effective channels, all while keeping track of your complete revenue pipeline.

We define:

  • Your Goals and KPIs
  • Customer Demographics and the Conversion Funnel
  • Identify channels and devices
  • Segment existing customers
  • Identify data sources
Analytics Framework

Google Analytics Audit and Setup

Hesk Digital are Analytics Experts, Our people have over a decade of experience in the platform, from advanced setups to running conferences.

We can audit and setup Google Analytics for any size business and any type of requirement, from simple clean ecommerce tracking to advanced form drop-off analysis, attribution modelling, 360 support and CRM integrations.

Data Reporting and Visualisation

No matter how good your data is, there’s no point in a complex setup if it doesn’t get you actionable results at every level of your business, from C-level to your Business Analysts to your Marketing Managers.

Using such systems as Tableau, Google Data Studio, and Klipfolio, as well as any internal reporting software you might use, we create insightful, scalable reports with the metrics you need to make day-to-day decisions that drive revenue and surpass KPIs

Solutions include:
  • Dashboard Audits
  • Custom Dashboard Creation
  • Report Automation
  • Custom Metrics
  • Dashboard Systems integration

Attribution Modelling

multi touch attribution

With customer journeys becoming more complex and trackable and advertising companies hiding real value behind confusing nomenclature, attribution is becoming an essential part of every business. At Hesk Digital, we design models that track revenue based on how your customers actually convert, assigning value to every step of the conversion process

  • Custom Attribution Modelling
  • Data Driven Modelling
  • Multi Device Attribution
  • Offline Integration
  • Multi Channel Funnels
  • Markov Chain Attribution

Google Tag Manager Services

Google Tag Manager has fast become the gold standard in tag management platforms. At Hesk, we implement complex tag systems, streamlining them to ensure easy modification and removing potential pitfalls to guarantee clean data.

We implement:

  • Google Tag Manager set up
  • Data Layer Design and Construction
  • Tag and Trigger Implementation
  • GDPR tag setup
  • Custom Implementations

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