How much are SEO costs for Small to Medium Businesses in Australia?


SMBs can often struggle to get traction online. But SEO costs can often look staggeringly high, especially for efforts that are seemingly not as tangible as more traditional advertising techniques. Today we’re looking at how those costs tend to be broken down and how to know you’re getting the best value from your agency.


SEO is the process of optimising your website to achieve the highest ranking on organic, or un-paid, SERP’s with an increase in traffic. SEO can take time to show results, especially when working from scratch, so it can often be hard to know if you’re getting the best value.


When factoring what you should consider when hiring a Digital Marketing Company such as HESK Digital, you should know that costs vary throughout Australia based on various factors.

About Us

We here at HESK Digital understand that running a business means managing your costs with a limited marketing budget. The question we ask you is “How much am I willing to spend on SEO work?”. We ask this because you should consider that SEO at its core is an expense. SEO work is a cost company’s pay to acquire a valuable asset.