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Customised Social Media Strategy

Different businesses have their own unique goals and features.  A successful strategy for you can be ineffective and useless to another. Let HESK Digital customise your social media marketing strategy in order to cater to your specific business needs and objectives.

So, how do you customize your social media campaign strategy? Here are some basics, but we can help you develop this into a winning strategy.

– Research your audience

– Determine your Social Platforms

– Analyse Social Results and Impact

– Stay Connected


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HESK Digital can help you develop a unique strategy, effective for your business.

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What's Trending Now

The first thing to do when pinpointing the most effective social media marketing method for your brand is to segment the campaign by the social media platform. So, what exactly is trending now?


A focused and effective marketing campaign starts with knowing your platform and what content you should put in it to engage your potential audiences or customers. Here are some of the top platforms for a successful SMM:

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Social media marketing is a digital marketing method that utilises social media networks to promote your brand online. As a coordinated marketing effort, it helps you convey and reinforce essential messages or information to your target audience. The best thing about SMM is that you can find a wide range of social media platforms to use and choose from.


Effective social media marketing strategies focus on unique content that are tailored to a particular platform that you want to use. The main goal of the social media marketing campaign is to generate leads, boost your site conversion, and ensure your business growth and profitability.


All digital businesses know the importance of an effective and powerful marketing campaign using different social media platforms. Your strategy should be all about identifying and meeting your customers or target market. Use your campaign for your brand to socially interact with your target audience.

Platform Breakdown


One of the top social media platforms to be on our list is Facebook with 2.2 billion active users as of 2019. The main audiences for this platform are millennials and Generation X. Industry impact is business to customer and it is best for advertising and brand awareness. Instagram With a total user number of one billion from its current status report, Instagram is famous primarily among millennials. The photo and video platform also have a business to customer (B2C) industry impact. It is best for behind-the-scenes, natural-looking media, as well as advertising and user-generated content. LinkedIn The industry impact of this social media platform is B2B or business to business. It has 645 million users all around the globe with a major audience of Generation X, millennials, and baby boomers. You should use this platform because it is best for business development, B2B relationships, and employment marketing. YouTube This video sharing platform is used by 1.9 billion users with the majority of users from the millennial and generation Z group. It has a business to customer industry impact, which is why it is ideal for brand awareness, how-to videos, and overall entertainment.

Bespoke Marketing Plans

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Stay Connected

Social media marketing helps you connect with your target market and stay connected with them.

Think Ahead

Social media marketing strategies are innovative and respond to the call of the times. Thus, your social campaign must be always up-to-date and current since what’s relevant now may not be that useful tomorrow or the coming days. 

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