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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

what is seo?

Search engine optimisation is a digital marketing strategy that focuses on ensuring the expansion of your business through its visibility and presence.

The main goal of this method is to make sure that your website ranks first in Search Engine Result Pages or SERPs when visitors look for your service or product online.

SEO aims to drive more site visitors to your business website, generating more targeted leads and increasing chances of conversion.

However, the discipline of optimising your website also comes with numerous other methods to achieve your goal. All these methods are geared towards two important things namely, rankings, and visibility.

How Can We Help?

At HESK Digital we truly believe in giving our clients
the best service.

We will custom design your SEO strategy and explain
everything along the way. At HESK Digital we
guarantee all our work and put our money where our
mouth is.

We will work with you to set KPI’s and we expect that
you will hold us accountable to our promises or your
money back.

We’re that confident that we WILL get the results
every time.

Our Digital
Marketing Agency Locations

HESK Digital Marketing Agency operates from a number of locations through Sydney, allowing us to provide personalised strategies to our clients, leveraging knowledge and expertise to provide the best possible results.

We operate from the following locations and offer our services throughout Australia and Worldwide.

Sydney CBD

HESK Digital Marketing Agency is guaranteed to continuously evolve your website with the most modern marketing techniques.


At HESK Digital Marketing Agency we’re driven to continuously evolve your website with data-driven, proactive marketing techniques


Looking to get ranked at the top of Google in Blacktown? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Tailor-Made Digital Marketing

Customise And
Track SEO Results

It is not enough that you have all the necessary components of a good quality and effective search engine optimisation campaign.

You must also be able to monitor the results of your efforts and know-how to improve your strategy. Track and measure your SEO success by getting the data about traffic, links, and engagement. We will put this into a report format for you on a monthly basis.

How exactly do you
measure your SEO success?

Organic Traffic Growth

Organic traffic growth means that you are generating more leads to your website, which can be potential sales and profits.

Quality Conversions

Quality conversions from organic leads are making sure that the organic traffic you generated also becomes your actual customers.

Top Keyword Ranking

Top keyword ranking, which gives your web page the top spot in major search engine result pages or SERPs.

Decent Bounce Rate

Average bounce rate and on-page time allow you to determine if your optimised page is quite engaging to your target customers or audience.

Monitor the Success

You can monitor the success of your search engine optimisation campaign based on the growth of your link, which includes new and lost links.